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National Accreditation Commission Accreditation Forms

To submit your forms and documentation, e-mail all submissions (except Request for Validation Visit) using one (1) single attachment (multiple attachments will not be accepted) to [email protected] 

The Request for Validation Visit form and documentation must be mailed to the Accreditation Office (see footer of webpage for current address). The Request for Validation Visit form and documentation will not be accepted by e-mail.

Paperwork must be received by the due date to be considered on time.
Late Fees and Citation Fees will be applied to paperwork that is past due.

Payment for reports and documentation is due within 45 days of paperwork submission.
Paperwork will not be reviewed until payment is complete; delays may negatively affect your program’s accreditation. Failure to make payments in a timely manner will incur a citation fee.

You will receive confirmation of receipt via e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation within 5 business days of your paperwork’s due date, please contact the Accreditation office. Confirmation of receipt does not imply submission is complete or accepted. It is recommended you acquire a tracking number and hold onto your tracking number until you have received your confirmation e-mail.

Documents To Download

> Self-Study Enrollment Form

To enroll in accreditation with the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs. A fee is required.
Prefer to enroll online? Click the button below:

>Annual Report
To be submitted on the program’s accreditation anniversary date. A fee is required.

> Director Change – Awarded Programs
Form should be mailed with last two child care licensing reports.
A fee is requiredPrograms in Self-Study with a director change should notify accreditation by phone at 512-301-5557 or email: [email protected].

> Formal Education and Ongoing Training Log
This form must be included with the Request for Validation Visit and Annual Report.

> Initial Notification Form
Notification regarding changes to the program. To begin the process for maintaining compliance during program changes, this Initial Notification form is the first step to be completed.

> Plan of Action Submission Form
To be completed upon the request of the Accreditation Office. A fee is required.

> Request for Validation Visit Self-Study Only Submission Form
A program must be in Self-Study a minimum of 6-months prior to requesting for a validation visit. This form and the Request for Validation Visit form (found in the Accreditation Manual), required documentation, and payment must be received prior to the Self-Study expiration date. A fee is required.

> Request for Validation Visit Documentation – New Address
Print this page to replace page 118 from the Accreditation Manual for the submission of the Request for Validation Visit.  


> Request for Validation Visit Accreditation Renewal Submission Form
Currently Awarded programs must submit this form with the program’s Request for Validation Visit (found in the Accreditation Manual), required documentation, and payment one year prior to expiration, on the third anniversary date, to allow time for the Visit process and avoid a lapse in Accreditation. No extensions will be given. If the program does not feel ready to submit the Request for Validation Visit by the third anniversary date, a third Annual Report will be due in its stead. The Request for Validation Visit may be submitted subsequently. A fee is required.

> Staff Survey-Spanish
(English version can be found in Accreditation Manual)

> Parent Survey-Spanish
(English version can be found in Accreditation Manual)

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Beginning 6/1/2020, the National Accreditation Commission will resume conducting validation visits. The Accreditation Office will work with individual programs to determine the impact of local restrictions on a potential visit. The safety of program families and staff and National Accreditation Commission validators is of the utmost importance and at the heart of all decisions made during the ongoing public health crisis. Please direct any questions and concerns to Erin Schmidt, Director of Accreditation, at [email protected]. Please monitor this website for further developments and updates. From the Accreditation Team to your team, stay safe and be well.


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