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I am a new director of a program in Self-Study. What now?

Programs in Self-Study (not currently accredited) with a new director should notify accreditation right away by phone at 512-316-3679 or e-mail [email protected].

Review accreditation history with the exiting director. Familiarize yourself with the Accreditation Manual and Commission Standards.

A program that has never been awarded accreditation by the National Accreditation Commission must wait 6 months after the official start date of a new director before requesting a Validation Visit. Ensure there is enough time left in the Self-Study period after the 6 months to request a Validation Visit. The program may need to re-enroll in Self-Study.

I am a new director of an Accredited Program. What do I need to know and what do I need to do now?

Note: The following tasks are important and best carried out before the existing director leaves:

Accredited programs are required to notify the Accreditation Office of a change in director within 10 days of the change through the Initial Notification Form. After notifying the Accreditation Office, complete the Director Change form and submit with the required documentation and fee within 30 days of the new director’s start date. Both forms can be found on the Accreditation Forms page of our website. Late fees are applicable for late notification and late submission of paperwork.

A new director at a currently awarded program continues the process using the same due dates and deadlines in place. It is the program’s responsibility to ensure all information necessary to maintain compliance, including due dates, is transferred from the existing director to the new director.

Locate the program’s Accreditation Manual and call the Accreditation Office to determine if Manual is the correct one for your program.

Determine where the program is in the accreditation process. What is the next step and what is the due date for that information?

Review the Manual’s essential components: Timetable; Classroom Observation; Administrator’s Report; and Appendices.

Review past correspondence to determine previous areas of concern and previous strengths. Keep all correspondence.

Read through the Manual from start to finish, a section at a time, including those sections that are not related to the program’s current place in the process. Reading the entire Manual is essential to overall program compliance and clarifies the accreditation process.

Review the Administrators Report: Note areas of known compliance program-wide; Note any areas or Standards where there is a question or concern about current compliance, and Note any areas or Standards that are unclear.

Perform a Classroom Observation on each class to determine areas for improvement and areas for implementation of new policies or procedures.

Review licensing reports and remedy any violations that are not yet in compliance.

Call or email the Accreditation Office with any questions.

How do I contact the National Accreditation Commission Office?

You can contact the National Accreditation Commission Office via telephone at 512-316-3679 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Where do I send documentation and reports? Can I fax or e-mail documentation or reports?

All reports and documentation may be submitted via fax or e-mail. Be sure to include the appropriate Submission Form to properly identify your submission.

Fax reports and documentation as one (1) complete submission to 512-301-5080.

E-mail reports and documentation as one (1) complete PDF submission to [email protected]. Submissions with multiple attachments or non-PDF files may not be accepted due to security risks, and the program may be asked to submit again. If you encounter issues submitting your documentation as one (1) complete PDF, contact the Accreditation Office for assistance.

A variable fee starting at $25 is charged for any paperwork mailed to the Accreditation Office. Please only mail documentation if electronic submission is absolutely not an option for you. The Accreditation Office address can be found in the footer of the webpage.

Call the Accreditation Office at 512-316-3679 if you need assistance submitting via fax or e-mail.

What if I have questions?

The appendices of the Accreditation Manual have a wealth of information related to Commission Standards and to definitions of many terms. It is wise to become familiar with the types of information found there.

The National Accreditation Commission staff are always available for questions. We want programs to feel confident about the steps they are taking as they move through the process and to feel confident about the interpretation of the Standards.

Phone calls are answered as they arrive, when possible. If your call was not answered, please leave a voicemail. Phone messages are returned within 1-2 business days. If the program has not received a return call by that time, please call again.

If you have a question after hours or anytime that is convenient for you, e-mail the Accreditation Office at [email protected] and an Accreditation Team member will respond within 1-2 business days.

Feel free to call or e-mail with questions concerning your program. We are here to offer assistance. Oftentimes, discussing a concern beforehand can decrease anxiety for all involved.

What is the difference between a time-frame and a two week window?

The time frame is an initial eight-week period assigned to the program in which block out dates are confirmed and a validator is arranged. The two-week window is determined once the office has confirmed a validator for the program’s validation visit. The two-week window is scheduled within the designated time frame. The program will not know the exact date(s) the validator(s) will arrive within the two-week window.

Can I add block out dates after my timeframe has been issued?

Call the National Accreditation Commission Validation Visit Team at 512-540-8224 to discuss your options.

Can I add a block-out-date after my two-week window has been determined?

No. A $500 rescheduling fee + any non-refundable validator travel expenses will be assessed if a block-out date is added after the two-week window has been confirmed. No exceptions.

If I have a teacher change after I have submitted for my validation visit, what do I need to notify the office of?

If the LEAD teacher changes, you will need to redo the classroom observation for that particular age group. Keep it onsite for your validator; do not send it into the office. Discard the previous observation.

The Program does not need to notify the office if only the assistant teacher changed; however, the classroom observation cover page and class schedules will need to be updated with the new teachers name and work hours. Keep these onsite to give to the validator on the day of the Validation Visit.

When is my Accredited program responsible for contacting the National Accreditation Commission?

To ensure compliance, accredited programs should notify the National Accreditation Commission immediately of the following changes:

  • director (or onsite supervisor)
  • e-mail address or phone number
  • addition of a new age group
  • addition of a new classroom
  • hours or days of operation
  • changes to staff-child ratios
  • significant staff turnover
  • licensing violation or investigation in the area of supervision, guidance, child injury, or child safety
  • loss or suspension of license
  • increase or decrease in licensed capacity
  • criminal conviction of any employee or volunteer
  • expansion of facilities, including the playground – notify during the planning stage
  • new ownership – notify during the planning stage
  • combining or partial combining of programs
  • closure of a program
  • relocation of the program – notify during the planning stage
  • loss of QRS, tiered reimbursement, or other recognition (for instance Gold Seal or Rising Star)
  • any other program event that possibly impacts compliance or program operations

Download the Initial Notification form from the Accreditation Forms page of our website, complete the form, and submit it to the Accreditation Office.

If I have a pending licensing deficiency, can I submit for a validation visit?

Eligibility may differ depending on the severity of the deficiency. Please contact the Accreditation Office for your specific situation.

What correspondence must I keep?

Be sure to keep all correspondence. Most letters and e-mails contain information that the program should refer to over the course of the Accreditation and information that is necessary to complete future reports.

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