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Interactions Between Teachers & Children Standards

These standards are to be used as orientation to the Accreditation Process. All standards are in the Accreditation Manual with indicators that serve as evidence the standard is met. Programs considering pursuing accreditation through the National Accreditation Commission should enroll in Self-Study.

F1. Children’s development of trust and emotional security is promoted with consistent, responsive, and nurturing teachers.

F2. A positive sense of self is promoted through respectful teacher-child interactions.

F3. Cooperative and positive social behaviors are promoted through opportunities for learning social skills, empathy, and reciprocity.

F4. Positive guidance techniques are used to promote the development of self-regulation and self-control.

F5. Age appropriate self-help skills are encouraged to promote self-care, responsibility, adaptive skills, and autonomy.

F6. Children’s overall emotional well-being is supported by the classroom environment.

F7. Snack and mealtimes are pleasant and social learning experiences for children.

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