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The Who, What, When, & Where of Accreditation with the National Accreditation Commission

Erin Schmidt108

This informative session will provide an overview of the National Accreditation Commission, and how it can serve your program and families in meaningful ways. It is designed to ensure that all participants establish a core understanding of both process, and procedure. A brief history of the system, an overview of the accreditation process, a review of the self-study steps, and tips for using the Accreditation Manual for program improvement will be the basis for this workshop.

Erin Schmidt is the Director of Accreditation for the National Accreditation Commission, the national accrediting body of the Association for Earl Learning Leaders. Erin and her team support the elevation of quality learning experiences for young children as they guide hundreds of programs through the self-study and accreditation process each year.
Thu 10:45 am - 12:30 pm