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Presenter Guidelines and Agreement

2024 Presenter Guidelines and Agreement

2024 Presenter Guidelines and Agreement

The Association for Early Learning Leaders is pleased to feature nationally recognized speakers and trainers at the 40th Annual National Conference, How Successful Directors Lead! Please review and sign the following Guidelines and Agreement for all conference presenters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Aryam Andom, Member & Event Services Coordinator, at [email protected].

Dates and Location

The 40th Annual National Conference will be held April 18-20, 2024, in New Jersey.


The purpose of the National Conference is to bring together all professionals in the field to share their expertise and experiences, promote professional development, and enhance quality environments in early care and education programs.

Nationally Recognized Presenters

Presenters are invited based on their achievements as leaders in the field of child care and education, business, management and leadership, and related professional fields. Presenters are expected to demonstrate effective communication skills to share relevant knowledge to leaders and managers of early care and education programs.

Session Content and Materials

The Association for Early Learning Leaders takes pride in our efforts to provide leaders and managers with education that supports the current issues facing child care programs. Each year the conference agenda is modified based on the expressed needs of our members.

All presentations must provide:

  • Supporting visual component (such as a powerpoint presentation, chart paper, props)
  • Group interaction or discussion
  • A printed presentation resource handout (4-page maximum) relevant to the topic
  • 1.75 hours of training including:
    • Allotted time for questions and answers

An LCD Projector and screen will be provided. A microphone will be provided for presenters hosting sessions with 40 or more participants. 

Content Submission Deadline

Presenters must submit their final presentation and attendee handout by January 31, 2024. (If a presenter is not using a powerpoint for their session, they will be required to submit a session outline including a breakdown of their visual aids or props used during the training). 

A digital copy of the required presentation resource handout will be uploaded to the session within the conference event app so that it will be accessible to session attendees. Presenters will be responsible to providing printed presentation resource handouts for their session attendees. 

CEU Application Submission

All presenters are required to submit a completed CEU Application prior to the start of the conference. Many conference attendees require CEU certificates in order to comply with training and certification requirements. Timely submission of the CEU Application ensures that we can provide this important benefit. A link to the CEU application will be sent to each selected presenter no later than December 1, 2023, and must be completed by January 31, 2024.

Travel and Hotel Arrangements for Presenters

Each presenter is responsible for making individual travel and hotel arrangements. The availability of hotel accommodations is limited at the conference site so reserve early.

Check-In at the Conference

All Presenters are requested to check-in at the conference registration area upon arrival. At that time, the presenter will receive a nametag, a conference program, and other presenter materials. Please arrange your travel schedule to arrive at least two hours prior to your first presentation.

Conference Registration and Networking Luncheon

All presenters will receive complimentary conference registration and access to all conference networking events included in registration. We strongly encourage you to attend these events which provide valuable networking opportunities. After we receive your signed agreement, we will provide you with information regarding registration. Guest event/meal tickets will be available for purchase. 

Presence of Children at the Conference

Our events are often blended with family vacations and we encourage and celebrate that! However, in our on-going effort to provide a professional education conference experience and out of respect for speakers and attendees, we do not allow children to be in breakout sessions, keynote presentations, professional meetings, or the exhibit hall. Attendees will need to make arrangements for child care during these times. 

Sale and Promotion of Publications, Materials, and Services

The Association for Early Learning Leaders recognizes that the National Conference is often used as a vehicle for presenters to expand their own markets. The Association encourages the dissemination of knowledge promoting personal and professional development and to enhance the quality of early care and education programs. To respectively maintain a balance of dissemination of information and marketing, presenters are encouraged to purchase an exhibit booth in the Exhibit Hall. Interested presenters may contact Aryam Andom, Member & Event Services Coordinator, at [email protected] for reservations in the Exhibit Hall.

Please help us maintain the professional integrity of the conference by abstaining from the appearance of using your session as a marketing venue. Presenters will not be allowed to sell, display, or promote their events, publications, materials, and/or services during their training presentation. You will be permitted to distribute promotional materials to participants at the conclusion of your session and our conference Ambassadors are happy to facilitate distribution of your materials.

Failure to abide by presenter guidelines may result in a presenter not being invited to present at future AELL training events.


Please sign and date below signifying that you have read, understand and agree to abide by the presenter guidelines for the 40th Annual National Conference.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

The Association for Early Learning Leaders is committed to excellence in the field of early childhood care and education by promoting leadership development and enhancing program quality.

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