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The Power of Perception

Chris Eberhardt302

Have you ever wondered why two people from the same community thinking act differently? Understanding perceptions is more important than ever I society is being exposed to increasingly more intentional messaging designed to shape our beliefs, biases, attitudes and feelings. Without an awareness of how this messaging programs our brains to influence our actions and behaviors, we become mere cogs in a materialistic and divisive culture. Recognizing the sources that shape our personal beliefs and garter behaviors is the first step to building a real community. Once we understand our views and beliefs, we become more understanding, empathetic and effective and building relationships with others as we work to solve pressing problems together. This presentation is designed to bring awareness to how perceptions developed over time and influence everyday actions and attitudes.

Chris Eberhardt is a former alternative ed high school principal in the Jefferson and Douglas county school districts of the Denver metro area. He worked tirelessly in his 31 year career in Colorado and Nebraska as a principal, assistant principal, counselor, teacher and coach to develop systems that ensure all learners experienced a meaningful and inclusive education. His passion to share how the human experience influences one’s perceptions and ultimately their behaviors is vital for all parents, educators, leaders and community members to hear and understand. The personal and professional insights he offers are relevant and timely. Chris is a dynamic lifelong leader and learner that will empower all who hear him to realize their capacity to impact their community and inspire them to start today.
Fri 11:00 am - 12:45 pm
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