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The Importance of Creative and Critical Thinking in a Rapidly Evolving World

Jamaica Stevens407

More and more research shows that automation and artificial intelligence will be shifting the landscape of the world we know today. Creative and critical thinking will become increasingly more important as it informs job skills and life skills. In addition, ADHD, dyslexia and autism are all becoming more identified. As the world is changing, we as leaders have to ask ourselves if we are providing our teachers with the tools that they need to successfully teach our students. In this workshop we will talk about how to create an environment and curriculum that foster creative and critical thinking. We'll focus on how to train your teachers to become creative thinkers themselves so that they are able to lead by example and positively impact all children in their classroom helping them thrive in this ever changing world.

Jamaica Stevens founded JAMaROO Kids in 2004 after teaching preschool for 7.5 years and studying the performing arts since childhood. JAMaROO Kids specializes in providing quality enrichment programs for young children. These programs have included dance, music, yoga, art and bilingual classes. Currently Jamaica leads a team of educators who specialize in creating and teaching developmentally appropriate enrichment programs for young children at over 130 schools, childcare centers and community venues throughout the Bay Area. Jamaica strives to be active within the ECE community through leading workshops and presenting at conferences all over the United States. Jamaica herself has taught over 10,000 classes to young children and has worked with over 100,000 children and families over the past 20+ years!
Fri 2:15 pm - 4:00 pm
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