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Mindfulness to Manage Stress & Burnout

Lou Redmond402

This training focuses on empowering educators to use mindfulness techniques to manage the work overwhelm their job can come with. The goal is to create a top down approach to help both teachers and students improve their overall as well to create a positive environment for leaming to thrive. Through an engaging presentation that includes mindfulness exercises and insightful conversation, educators will leam techniques they can take with them to improve their lives in and out of the school.

Lou Redmond is an inspiring speaker, mindfulness educator, author, & certified yoga & mindfulness teacher. He holds a certification in SEL from Rutgers University. Lou is the founder of One Mindful Education, a mindfulness & SEL education company that offers trainings for schools across the country. He is a contributing teacher on the popular meditation app, Insight Timer where his practices have been listened to over 350,000 times.
Fri 2:15 pm - 4:00 pm
Health & Wellness