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Leading Your Team Through Accreditation

Erin Schmidt508

Put Me in Coach! So you are ready to begin the Accreditation process! How do you lead your team through the process in your already busy schedule? How do you gain buy-in from your teaching staff? Planning for success and being aware of potential hurdles will help you stay on your path. We will use the National Accreditation Commission Self-Study Timetable to develop a strategy for success. We can help you get your team fired up, engaged, and committed to this important journey! Let us show you how to replace intimidated with INSPIRED!

Erin Schmidt is the Director of Accreditation for the National Accreditation Commission, the national accrediting body of the Association for Earl Learning Leaders. Erin and her team support the elevation of quality learning experiences for young children as they guide hundreds of programs through the self-study and accreditation process each year.
Sat 9:00 am - 10:45 am