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Reputation is an EVERYDAY Thing!

Tony D'Agostino304

In this session leaders will come away with usable knowledge on how to develop ones reputation and the value of starting early through engagement with staff, families and the community, understand how to promote your reputation to all three groups above in a way that aligns to their values and yours, how to work with your teammates and staff to manage the daily challenges that can effect your reputation from a disgruntled staff member, parent or even a intenet troll, and what to do to protect your reputation if something goes wrong and how to do your very best not to lose your staff, parents or center!

Tony D'Agostino is a dynamic business and ECE leader with more than 30 years of Business Marketing, Adult Learning and Communication experience. He is Owner and Operator of several early childhood facilities through Western New York and the Founder and CEO of Inspire Care 360. Tony is a subject matter expert in the area of building and protecting ones reputation in the business world, specific to Childcare and is looking forward to share his strategies with session participants.
Fri 11:00 am - 12:45 pm
Leadership Development