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How to Talk to Parents About Development Delays

Boyd Mark207

For most parents, friends, child care provider and physicians, sharing concerns about a child's development can be a challenging and daunting task. However, it's important to talk about any developmental delays or concerns. With caring support and open communication, parents can begin to take action. If a parent is encouraged to see a pediatrician or health care provider with developmental concerns about their child, there will be one of two outcomes, but each will have its positive results. If concerns are ruled out, parents can rest easy. If there are indeed confirmed issues, seeking help through evaluation and referral will eventually get the family back on a healthy developmental path.

Boyd Mark is the Director of Telehealth at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment at Florida Tech. The Scott Center is a world leader in evidenced-based autism treatment with a three-fold mission of clinical service, research and training. Mr. Mark leads the center’s innovative initiative to develop new models of scalable, sustainable telehealth methods for autism intervention. Mr. Mark is an experienced business leader, an entrepreneur and a Silicon Valley veteran focused on improving healthcare outcomes by leveraging technology.
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