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Conversations that Matter: Strengths-Based Communication Skills

Susan MacDonald106

Supporting the continuous professional growth of educators requires leaders to be skilled communicators. When leaders can inspire, motivate and engage educators through impactful dialogues they will be able to facilitate sustainable improvements in overall program quality. This workshop will guide leaders in developing the skills they need to have effective dialogues that are fully aligned with individual and program goals, lead to action, and offer constructive feedback. We will spend time addressing key communication strategies and techniques as we explore: Appreciative Inquiry (A1) as a collaborative model for leveraging strengths, reflective practices that add depth to professional conversations, observation protocols, adult development theory as it relates to providing constructive feedback, powerful questions as the foundation for meaningful dialogues from the hiring process through the exit interview.The fundamental goal for this session is to support leaders in gaining a new perspective on their communication and leadership practices, so they can leave refreshed and recharged with a clear vision for facilitating positive changes in their daily work and learning communities.

Susan MacDonald is the founder of Inspiring New Perspectives, a consultancy focused on empowering educational leaders to create programs that deeply respect and nurture the possibilities that lie within each child, parent and teacher. She has been developing and delivering inspirational courses and workshops for more than 25 years. Her background includes director of a Reggio-inspired preschool program, adjunct faculty at Lesley University and Wheelock College, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts licensing supervisor. She holds a master’s degree in instructional design, and several professional coach certifications.
Thu 10:45 am - 12:30 pm
Leadership Development