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Improving K-Readiness by Using Classroom Management Techniques

Susan Testaguzza103

According to the "Connections" theory introduced by author and researcher Dr. Brene Brown, we are all "wired for connections." Applying that to early childhood, this session introduces classroom management techniques designed to improve kindergarten-readiness pursuant to the research on the relationship between emotional health and academic success. Attendees of this workshop will learn procedures and practices designed to help teachers and students have stronger connections that will help students have higher self-esteem and stronger emotional readiness to learn.

Since 1993, Susan Testaguzza has been actively and passionately involved in early childhood programming as a childcare center owner, director, inventor, thought-leader, and also as founder and president of LifeCubby, a software solution for early education programs. Susan routinely speaks at early education conferences on topics such as best practices, technologies, classroom management, staff morale, and business profitability.
Thu 10:45 am - 12:30 pm
Classroom Management